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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sheraton “Centro Histórico” Hotel Spa & Fitness Center, Mexico City, Mexico

23 years after an earthquake destroyed Mexico's social hub the Sheraton reinstills a sense of life and relaxation
For decades stood the Hotel del Prado where now the Sheraton Hotel stands in Mexico City. The original hotel suffered damages during the1985 earthquake and was later demolished. In its place the construction of an office building was planned but later, given market conditions at the time, it was decided to build a modern hotel that integrated the latest technologies and would be able to adapt to new developments in coming years.

The design was centered around the hope that it could manage to bring back the atmosphere and the commercial, cultural and social activities of Mexico´s 50´s, when hotels such as the Hotel del Prado were considered socio-cultural gathering centers.

The clientelle at Centro Histórico is typically business visitors and in order to extend the business traveler's stay over the weekend, a Fitness Center & Spa, and 3,000 sq ft garden have been created offering services such as massage, beauty treatments and a gym.

The gardened area was kept sympathetic to the original design of the old Alameda, but with a more contemporary landscape design. The gardens overlook the Alameda Park and surround the cafeteria, the lap pool and the paddle tennis court. All areas are decked in teak wood and secluded from the main street but manage to participate of the urban context.

Soft lighting, minimal design and sleek surfaces allow the design to contribute to the relaxed atmosphere in the hotel, ringing back to the social hay-day of Mexican hotels.

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