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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

210 Pentonville Road, London, United Kingdom

Darling Associates is on site and on schedule to unveil a new landmark in fashionable Kings Cross
Darling Associates is on site and on schedule with a skyline-changing development in Kings Cross, London. The site is located at the intersection of Pentonville Road and Euston Road, a convenient 50m from Kings Cross Thameslink station. An area steeped in history this modern building sits comfortably in a varied townscape.

Darling Associates is recycling an existing brownfield site and significantly refurbishing and rebuilding an outdated office building, improving its efficiency and longevity. By extending the office building and introducing a residential element, the architects are optimising the use of the site, intensifying the development and delivering a mix of uses compatible with the neighbourhood.

Solar panels will heat the water required for the offices and by re-using components of the existing building, the development adopts a sustainable approach alongside its advances in renewable energy usage. The residential component of the project is designed to ensure suitable levels of amenity are maintained for neighbouring residents and also achieved for the new proposed housing. Levels of light for neighbouring dwellings have been sensitively considered in the design by incorporating efficient changes to the existing building envelope which also provide for good light provision for the development scheme itself.

The architectural form of the new roof extension is sculpted to appear recessive. The new floor at the 8th level is set back by some 7m providing space for a roof terrace. The form of this lightweight structure has been generated by the daylight sunlight model where the ends of the structure are set in from the flanks of the building some 13 metres and ‘cut outs’ have been formed in the rear section conforming with daylight sunlight control lines. The distinctive profile of the roof provides a strong visual constituent to the building and the skyline. A curved form with glass ends appears as a light weight, floating structure and gives an intriguing vista from both King’s Cross and Pentonville Road. The principal facade is subdivided into separate bays, incorporating a coloured barcode pattern within the glazed element, screened by a layer of brise soleil, to break down the proportions of the long, prominent frontage, while providing visual interest along Pentonville Road.

Throughout the development, all materials have been carefully selected to support a high quality appearance whilst having regard for the environmental performance requirements and maintenance issues.

Darling Associates have confirmed that the building is progressing well and they are on target for completion next Summer 2009.
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