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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Shell House, Karuizawa, Japan

Kotaro Ide creates residential retreat in Karuizawa

Situated within a dense thickness of trees the Shell House by Kotaro Ide of Artechnic unravels itself displaying its contrasting underbelly to the private audience of its owners. Brazen yet shy, the house’s open form hidden within the trees presents an honest display of relevance to its situation. The curved forms synonymous with the outer shell of a snail or sea-faring crustacean stand on a plinth of wood creating the illusion that the form floats above the forest bed.

Glazed at ends and with roof lights, an airy interior space is created with which to enjoy the surroundings in comfort and explore the curving concrete intricacies of an otherwise simplistic design. Unobtrusive landscaping ensures the structure can breath in the space whilst maintaining a rural aesthetic.
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