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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

he Nordic Green PLUS™

New lengths in copper opportunities achieved
International metals specialist Luvata’s innovative Nordic Green PLUS™ now offers the ability to control the type and intensity of patina with no restrictions on sheet length, opening up new architectural opportunities with copper.

The Nordic Green PLUS™ pre-patination process is carried out in the factory on a dedicated production line under carefully controlled conditions. The process can be accurately controlled so that, as well as the solid green patina colour, other intensities of patina flecks can be created revealing some of the dark oxidised material behind. The potential of this process is exemplified on the Laajasalo Church, Helsinki, designed by Kari Jarvinen Ja Merja Nieminen. The main building is clad with apparently random horizontal bands of Nordic Green Living™ copper with varying intensities of patination. This technique creates a beautiful ‘strata’ effect, almost like a cliff face, with soft colours and controlled tones that will develop over time, adding to the harmonious relationship with the church’s natural landscape setting.

There are no limitations on the length of pre-patinated copper sheet or strip used on a project because whole coils are treated on the production line, not just limited size sheets. In marine climates, the natural copper patina contains some copper chloride giving it more of a blue colour and this can be emulated with Nordic Blue PLUS™ using the same process, including varied intensity Living Blue finishes. Other copper surfaces are also available including Nordic Brown™ pre-oxidised copper with either light or dark brown oxidisation to both faces and Nordic Decor™ a textured, rolled surface. Copper alloys are also popular for cladding including Nordic Brass and Nordic Royal™ - an alloy of copper and aluminium with a long-lasting golden colour.
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