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Monday, September 07, 2009

Dubai Metro - Phase 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Aedas complete first phase of new Dubai metro
The architectural design concepts of Dubai Metro fulfill the requirement from the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai that ‘The station architecture shall have an aesthetic, form and external appearance which is unique, innovative, iconic and reflecting Dubai’s identity and character’. This uniquely shaped shell roof, while modern and iconic, may invoke the heritage of pearl diving. This ancient work, requiring skill and bravery, brought early prosperity, and is an integral part of Dubai’s history. The metro will be a modern day gem, enhancing the culture and business of Dubai by providing an efficient transport system. While this cultural reference is appealing, the shell roof is purposefully conceived for good aesthetic and functional reasons.

The shell roof, resting lightly on elegant supports, provides a very attractive covering to the public areas of the station. Most importantly, while the beauty of the shell is visible from afar it is also very much appreciated inside the public space, where the inner surface creates a wonderful, smooth and lustrous enclosure. The breathtaking sweep of this smooth inner shell avoids the visual complexity, and somewhat industrial appearance, of the exposed steel truss solutions commonly used in elevated metro stations. Nevertheless, the shell structure remains an efficient means of creating one long span large volume space without internal columns or supporting structure. Moreover, the curved double skin cladding provides and environmentally friendly means of cooling the roof, using traditional ‘solar assisted’ natural ventilation techniques.

Aedas is the architect for Dubai Metro’s 45 metro railway stations, 2 depots and operation centers. Dubai Metro will be the longest, most advanced automated metro in the world and the first metro in the United Arab Emirates. Phases 1 of the Red & Green Lines is opening on 9th September 2009.
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