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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dead Sea Research Project, Dead Sea Region, Various

Phu Hoang Office completes Dead Sea research project
New York architect Phu Hoang Office was shortlisted in the Architectural Association’s Environmental Tectonics V2.0 2007 competition for its compelling research project, “No Man’s Land”. Sited in the middle of the Dead Sea, the project proposes a remedy to an ecological crisis while also altering the circumstances to a long-standing political problem-the control of water.

No Man’s Land focuses attention on the disappearing Dead Sea and its associated water problem. The project envisions a network of artificial islands that would provide new tourist amenities, renewable energy production and fresh water collection. One of the ambitions of the islands would be to develop a building technology that extracts water molecules from the humid air above the sea. The project asks if it is possible to shift the conditions of water supply in the region, thereby providing new conditions for political change. It also asks how architects can participate in these complex political dynamics and decision-making processes.
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