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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Liaunig Museum, Carinthia, Austria

Querkraft completes Liaunig Museum
Austrian architect Querkraft has completed the Museum Liaunig near Neuhaus/Suha in Carinthia, Austria. The building houses contemporary art and gold objects collected by industrialist and art collector Herbert W. Liaunig.

Built out of glass, concrete and sheet metal, the new museum takes the form of an outstretched rectangular container buried into the land and jutting out of its hillside site on two sides like a work of land art. The main body of the museum cuts through a densely wooded, steep sided embankment providing unparalleled views over the River Drau, seventy metres below.

At one end the building cantilevers an impressive thirty metres out over a steep bank towards the approach road - clearly visible to the approaching visitors. The museum’s entrance zone is oriented toward both the center of Neuhaus and the nearby historical castle owned by the museums’ patron.

The substantial viewing storage depot is one of the main areas of the museum. Stretching the entire length of the gently sloping approach to the main exhibition hall, visitors are accompanied by this “wine cellar of art”. This underground volume offers the possibility to organize a variety of exhibitions by virtue of the flexible screens and lighting arrangements.

The building’s core is a 160 metre long exhibition hall with terraces at each end.

Sharon McHugh
International Correspondent
architecture NOW

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