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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jardín de ZAGREB, Queretaro Qro, Mexico

Anonimous-LED practice what they preach with their Queretaro office
Anonimous-LED architects specialise in the blending of the natural and the man-made in design and their office in Queretaro Qro, Mexico embody this practice.

Three boxes – one of glass, one of wood and one of steel – float over the hill reaching out into the nature-reserve landscape beyond. The boxes are joined by a concrete element that by means of roof, wall and floor embraces architecture and irradiates nature. A palm-tree garden connects the wooden box and the steel box, and a bamboo garden connects the wooden box and the glass box. The concrete element lies upon 16 columns in order to generate parking space, maintain the slope of the ground intact and outline the view.

The access is created by means of a ramp that arises over a water body. The boxes develop the program in a lineal direction, to organise the lawyer's office, advertising’s office and the architect’s office. The experience emphasises the entrance to an interior but at the same time extends the views outwards to the green of the landscape
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