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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Treehouse, Victoria, Australia

Australian design captures its surrounding landscape
Jackson Clements Burrows Pty Ltd Architects were formed ten years ago and have since been making architecture which empathises with its surroundings and according to their mission, their design methodology “is often informed by making intelligent decisions about perceived constraints”. Such constraints are not obvious in this angular design perched on a steep hillside at Separation Creek in Victoria, Australia.

The hazardous-looking balcony ledge appears so large as to be capable of toppling the structure from its roots on the rocky hillside, but the building stands strong in its foundations and the balcony juts outwards, hopeful of integrating with and surrounding itself with the spectacular landscape.

The house covers an area of 220 sq m and rests on two levels which, aside from the jutting balcony, hug the steep incline as a slim, wide design. With three bedrooms, a dining room and kitchen, the structure would be considered modest if it were not for the modular additions of a sun-room, study and living area (including the decked patio) on the upper level.

The house uses and blends with the surrounding landscape camouflaging itself with shades of green and using the land to create design features such as steps heading to the base of the building and rock mounds which both integrate the building within the landscape and bolster the house, providing further support.

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