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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bondy School / Atelier Phileas

Architects: Atelier Phileas (member of PLAN01)
Location: Bondy, France
Client: Town of Bondy - SODEDAT 93
Program: 15 classes, Youth center, Multifunction room, Library, canteen
Contractor: COLAS
Consultants: BETOM Ingénierie / CAP TERRE / AVEL Acoustique
Constructed Area: 3,100 sqm
Budget: 5.7M Euro + tax (US $7.18M + tax)
Project year: 2007
Photographer: Stephan Lucas

The project is developed on the basis of a programme consisting of 15 classes, a canteen and a leisure centre, with a special feature: two spaces (multi-purpose hall and computer room) are open to the public outside school time. In view of the environmental approach, in particular prevailing winds and an attempt to make use of free solar power, we chose to place the classrooms on the east and split the programme into two parts, along the length of the building.

The two halves of the building connected by walkways create the figure we were trying to obtain to both assert the institution: a hall protected by a large overhang, and assert the opening: from the street, the view stretches out right to the end of the playground. The existing beautiful landscaped alignment extends to the centre of the project, with numerous trees and hedges planted along the shared walls.

In addition to the choice of building orientation, other devices are implemented to anchor the sustainable quality of the project: green roofs, terracotta sunshade, solar panels (hot water production), thermal bridge breakers, reinforced insulation, rainwater storage tank, etc.
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