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Thursday, February 12, 2009

INCH, Toronto, Canada

Lawrence Dodd a r c h i t e c t designs 10 unit medium density housing project in Toronto's core

This project will occupy a 35 m X 30 m vacant lot located in a transitional area in the central core of Toronto. Turn of the century Victorian houses some residential, some commercial co-exist with mid-rise multi-family residential and newly created high-rise condominiums.

Vehicular access is off a rear lane common to the locale. Existing lots on these lanes are being divided in two creating new residential properties and intensifying the density as part of the city’s plan for the area.

The concept was to create a family oriented community of various sized units focusing on an interior court formed by the layout of the six three floor buildings. This court is shared between vehicular, pedestrian traffic and community recreational space.

There is a total of 10 units, 4 one bedroom approximately 42 m², 2, 3 bedroom units approximately 124 m², 2, 3 bedroom + studio units approximately 120 m², 2, 3 bedroom + studio units approximately 138 m².

Outdoor spaces, high windows, entries facing the street, laneway and court help to visually supervise the common and public spaces and mimic the porch vernacular of the area.

Courtyard pervious paved areas, grass strips, hardy bamboo and green roofs aid in the control of rainwater run off.

Terraced floors, large window planes and reflective light exterior paneling allow maximum daylight penetration and allow social interaction within the complex.
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