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Monday, February 02, 2009

Østfold Hospital, Østfold, Norway

The long awaited construction of Østfold Hospital commences

After 7 years of hard work and thousands of drawings Hospital will now commence construction. Designed by Danish architectural firms AART and Arkitema, and Norwegian office Eliassen and Lambertz-Nilssen Arkitekter the new Østfold hospital will integrate a number of smaller hospitals into one big hospital covering the south east of Norway as part of the strategic plan by the Norwegian government to improve the Norwegian health care system.

Tore Dag Olsen, director of strategic finance in the region, said: “This project is very good and well thought through – a very credible scheme for a new Østfold Hospital."

Originally designed as a 155,000 sq m project, the hospital has been redesigned to 90,000 sq m with an extension option of 30,000 sq m. This accommodates the decision to merge four rather than five hospitals and a psychiatric unit.

It was decided to build the brand new hospital right in the geographical centre of the region instead of placing the big hospital close to one of the larger cities of the area, this means the new hospital will be situated on a beautiful site with fantastic views over Grålum in Sarpsborg, approximately 100 km southeast of Oslo.

The compact central square is the nerve centre of the hospital.The modest size of the space gives both patients and visitors alike a sense of security and a feeling of entering a friendly and welcoming hospital with clear and caring intentions – this is where patients thrive and heal. The various functions of the hospital are placed around the square and all publicly accessible areas can be viewed from this point, which makes it easy for patients and visitors alike to find their way. From the square all wards, which are all orientated towards views of the landscape, can be reached. The wards are all oriented towards the gorgeous views of the landscape that is hosting the hospital. The hospital is expected to complete in 2015.
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