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Monday, September 07, 2009

Gold Coast Broadwater Marine Precinct, Gold Coast, Australia

Contemporary solution for self-sufficiency
The Gold Coast as a city has a number of significant natural features from its world renowned beaches to its scenic inland canal system, which gives rise to a lifestyle centred around water use.

Our vision for this project, in keeping with the client’s brief, was to create a self sufficient marine precinct supporting a range of uses from, residential apartment living, mariner’s markets and commercial office space, while preserving the existing light marine industry uses and public boat ramp access to the Broadwater.

The proposal allows these varying elements to co-exist, through the careful consideration and zoning of the various uses on the site, locating the residential precinct to the north to take advantage of the water frontage, while the marina industry and facilities are relocated to the south. Activation of both the street and marina frontages is achieved through the increased visual connectivity & physical accessibility to the site

The challenge as we saw it was to provide a contemporary but simple architectural expression which through being modest in scale & form within the existing residential fabric would achieve local acceptance.

The provision of a ‘Boardwalk’ along the marina frontage enhances the permeability of the precinct by linking existing green public spaces. This is a catalyst to allow residents & visitors to interact by encouraging both recreational activity and social interaction, creating spaces of sophistication & tranquillity simultaneously. Open-air markets, boardwalk cafes and restaurants, boat terminal access to the ocean & super yacht mooring are but a few of the facilities envisaged.

The development is designed to provide an impressive & exceptional residential & community address.
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