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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Vatika Infotech City, Jaipur, India

An integrated township in the outskirts of Jaipur, India reinterprets the rich local traditional motifs
Vatika Infotech City is an 800 acre greenfield township near Jaipur, a historic city in Rajasthan, India, famous for its Royal Palaces and handicrafts but also is an emerging IT hub. Infotech City is a response to all of the above. It provides the contemporary response, inspired by old markets, screen walls, and sandstone buildings which have effectively dealt with the harsh desert climate.

A series of open spaces, ranging from a 30 acre Central Park to neighbourhood parks, is connected through a hierarchy of streets starting with a palm-lined majestic entrance Boulevard down to shaded, tree lined residential streets with pedestrian and bicycle routes.

Near the entrance is the City Center, a 30 acre commercial hub with work spaces, shopping, culture and entertainment. Central to this zone is an urban piazza, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional bazaar. Surrounded by double-storey, screened loggia with shops below and workshops above, it brings both making and selling of the local crafts in direct contact with the shopper. The Galleria is an outdoor retail street but climatically controlled by its orientation and fabric roof. Across the Boulevard is a 10 acre hotel set in a resort like environment. Terminating the vista down the boulevard are two residential towers, part of a group housing overlooking the Central Park.

All the built-form around the primary circulation routes and open spaces will be developed by the owner, while internal residential plots will be left to individuals. This is to enable the identity of the public areas to be tightly controlled yet providing diversity in the overall urban fabric.
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