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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Club Nautico Poseidon, Pucusana, Peru

Seaside housing development set for Peru
Recently claiming the first prize in an international design competition, Alcuboarquitectos reveal their design for Club Nautico Poseidon in Pucusana, Peru.

Designed for client Rodrigo & Partners the project offers 215 housing units across a 40 acre plot on the sea. The comprehensive design includes piers, a club house, bar, swimming pool, sports facilities, 17 villas and 198 'casas'.

Created with a yacht club-feel the project is fully integrated bringing inhabitants closer to the landscape through the use of extensive balconies with views out to the sea and building the houses into the rocky cliff faces at the sea's edge. Micro-greens are introduced through terraces and at the club house where the topography is extended and covered meeting areas provide shade for rest.

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