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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sea Front, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Dreams of unified coastline for the Russian city are revealed
Ivan Poliakov's architectural bureau has presented a new development conception of St-Petersburg's coastal area. The "Sea Front" project proposes the creation of a new space arrangement for the seaside area extending as long as 6 kilometers.

At the present time, it is encumbered by unbalanced apartment blocks and the Pribaltiyskaya hotel. The project proposes to rally all parts into a single complex with a unique microclimate and a unified infrastructure.

According to Ivan Poliakov, a new tourist point could serve the city well but it's the local residents' needs that should first be considered: "We have greatly enjoyed creating a model of this unique city space and thereby have found evidence that Petersburg remains a city with an enormous potential for development," he said. The 'Sea Front' includes a glazed seaside promenade, berths for private boats as well as passenger liners, a business area and a residential area, hotels, a public entertainment hall, shops, restaurants, tourist companies' offices, a new office of the Russian Navy, an aquatics center and a side-show

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