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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kuwait Business Town Towers, Kuwait, Kuwait

Planning is confirmed for Business Town Towers following lengthy delays
Construction at Kuwait Business Town Towers, designed by KEO International Consultants, is storming ahead following severe planning delays. The pair of towers is now set to become one of the most recognizable landmarks on the Kuwait Skyline by 2010, two years after it was initially scheduled for completion.

Excavation works had begun in 2006 but work was halted in 2007. A spokesperson for KEO said the delay had been due to a ‘permitting issue as there were a few items that needed moving on the site’ but they are now very relieved that the build is continuing as expected. The contractors are currently conducting piling works at the site.

Standing at 40 storeys (184 m) and 36 storeys (168 m) the towers will make up one of three areas in the Kuwait Business Town Development which will provide office, hotel and retail space. KEO have provided the Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design and Structural and MEP Engineering for the 40,000 sq m of office space commissioned by Kuwait Business Town Real Estate Company.

The towers are engineered to dynamically interact with each other as they move upward into the sky. Raj Patel, KEO’s Principal Designer for the project, said: “The dueling interplay of these two tower forms is unique and unmatched in Kuwait.” Each floor twists inward from the floor below as it moves up to create an ever changing façade. The curtain wall design combines the use of four elements - silver reflective glass, stainless steel panels, grey acrylic panels, and aluminum horizontal fins. The sun reflecting on these materials will create an ever-changing appearance of the façade during the day.

Niki May Young
News Editor
architecture NOW

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