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Saturday, June 21, 2008

National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand

A project of national and international importance, a portal to the memory of New Zealand.
The redevelopment of the National Library will provide a unique opportunity to transform a major national institution into a centre for research, connection and creation. Symbolically the redevelopment is charged with the responsibility to represent both the historical reality of New Zealand as well as its changing place in the world. The energetic, sculptural screen which dominates the entry fa├žade is an abstract sculpture – a carving echoing the artistic traditions of Maori and the confidence of a country which is increasingly recognised for its ability in high technology industries. The project incorporates the entire original structure of the existing building which was completed in 1986. These ‘bones’ are retained as a vital template for the new design and will continue to provide a stable structural and environmental ‘core’ for the new and transparent perimeter. The final built result will also reflect the New Zealand government’s stance on sustainable building design and incorporates the building’s content itself into active ESD strategies

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