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Monday, May 18, 2009

ABC Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Mexico City, Mexico

New hospital dedicated to women and children completes in Mexico City
The design approach for the new American British Cowdray Centro Integral de Atención a la Mujer y al Niño (Women’s and Children’s Hospital) responds to the immediate surroundings and changing environment while embracing functionality.

The specific site shape – semicircular on one end and rectilinear on the other – defined the basic geometries to follow. This enabled the concept to be developed around the curve, subdivided into three distinct architectural elements offering varied solutions to smooth out the physical connection with the existing building.

The side of the existing hospital that connects with the Women’s Center is characterised by a clear predominance of solids over openings. As the curved façade moves clockwise toward the north, the glass proportions increase – allowing natural indirect light into the interior spaces while at the same time framing views of the site

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