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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Arras Hospital, Arras, France

Groupe-6 complete restructuring and extension of the Arras Hospital
The Arras Hospital is a precursor of a new generation of hospitals promising high architectural, spatial and social values, combining modernity and humanity. The building is inserted in a dense urban environment. Stretching out into a landscaped park, it boards and faces the old fortifications allowing the patients spectacular views of the historic town.

The primary preoccupation was indeed to optimise the relationship between the staff and the patient, serving and enhancing notions of caring, efficiency, welcoming and dialogue. A new bedroom organisation with bathrooms on the external facade creates more space, more efficiency and time spent with the patients. Logistics are maximised through NTIC, introducing the concept and reality of a networked hospital.

Transparent bridges connect the three main buildings ventilated with punctual green patios and water pools. Lightness, openness and transparency are accentuated by a flat roof floating over the architectural mass. Public and mixed-use spaces are generously distributed, filled with natural light, allowing interaction and dialogue, and reinforcing the definition of the hospital as a living space.

The Arras Hospital pays particular attention to environmental quality through a system of natural renewable energy – the double skin fa├žade creates a ventilating buffer space between the interior and the exterior. Closed in winter, opened in summer, the louvers allow natural heating and aeration according to the seasons.

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