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Monday, May 18, 2009

Chung Nam Provincial Office and Park, Seoul, South Korea

Design for Chung Nam Provincial Office and Park decided
A major design competition initiated by the South Korean Government has been won by the mixed team of john reed architecture with Mooyoung Architects and Engineers and Field Operations. The $185million Chung Nam Provincial Office and Park will be situated approximately two hours drive south of Seoul and will be central to a newly planned city in the heart of the Korean ‘breadbasket’ rural area.

James Corner of Field Operations is designing the 325,000 sq m landscape where the Government office will sit. This winning design is a convergence of two conceptual landscaping principles, the first a desire to turn the site into a large park-like garden, the second, the concept of representing the seat of government as an abstracted mountain range, symbolic of Korea itself, (of which some 80% is composed of mountains and uplands). The landscape platforms provide great programmatic diversity as well as memorable spatial experiences. Each platform responds to different demands of sports, flower display and sun lawn, etc. while the spaces between the platforms provide a seamless connection to the numerous destinations. Covered by a variegated canopy trees, the pathways in-between create a range of shaded settings.

This 102,300 sq m administrative center, designed by john reed architecture celebrates Baekje Culture through a number of architectural and landscape design themes. As with numerous historical depictions of ancient Korean cities surrounded by overlapping rings of mountains, the campus itself resembles an extended mountain range. The buildings recede and advance across the site with a rhythmic pattern creating valleys of public space and gardens within. Green roofs will combine with Photovoltaic panels providing both pleasing aesthetics and sustainable satisfaction. The project is slated for completion in 2012.

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