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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oslo Central Station, Oslo, Norway

Space Group to create modern look for Oslo Central Station, Norway
Space Group has won the invited competition for the redesign of the Oslo Central Station organised by the developer ROM Eiendom. The ambition of the 2.9 billion Nkr project is to make the station become one of the most modern public transport hubs in Europe.

The Oslo Central Station project is led by Space Group partner Gro Bonesmo. The 80,000 sq m design includes station facilities, hotel, shopping, offices, conference, restaurants and an event space.

Oslo Central Station once was the gate to the city from East. The situation with two polarising stations in Oslo is now history and Space Group's strategy is a natural and delayed architectural response to this. The strong East – West axis has outplayed its role - and is replaced by a North-South axis, from the forest to the fjord - from the inner city to Bjørvika and the new Opera House. The new station axis neutralises the old stigmatised division between East and West.

Oslo Central Station belongs to the whole city. The grand move, gathering the station functions in a clear linear structure with a strong architectural identity makes it visible in the cityscape with recognisable announcement of entrances from North, South and West.

Whereas today all types of shopping, station functions and circulation compete for space and dissolve without the experience of architectural definition – the ambition is now to liberate and strengthen each individual architectural element with its dedicated functions and give them all a clear connection to the station axis.

The design process has begun this year and the construction will start in 2013 with an estimated completion date of 2018-2023.
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