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Friday, July 04, 2008

Park Malšovice, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

ECE wins investor competition for a unique stadium and shopping centre project
The Czech city of Hradec Králové will start negotiations with ECE Projektmanagement concerning the realization of Park Malšovice, an inner-city leisure and shopping compound. The contest committee judged ECE’s concept for the leisure park to be of the highest quality. The company will invest around 3.2 billion koruny (approx. 135 million euro) in the construction of a soccer stadium, a shopping center as well as other facilities for sports and cultural events.

Josef Tobek, CEO of ECE Praha: “Our goal is to present Hradec Králové with a new and dynamic public space where people can enjoy sports, culture and leisure activities, but which offers extensive shopping facilities as well.” The multifunctional stadium meets the highest European standards and can be completely roofed. From 2011, up to 14,000 spectators will be able to watch soccer matches in this arena. ECE will work together with renowned experts in sports buildings such as Swiss investor Peter Jauch, former manager of FC Basel.

The shopping gallery Arkády Hradec Králové will be the economic center of Park Malšovice. Here, 130 shops, service outlets, restaurants and cafés will offer anything from fashion to groceries. Squash, bowling and other leisure activities can be found in the outer ring of the arena. Close to the border of the river Orlice, a large compound with public training grounds, inline paths, a theatre and more will be created.

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