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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rimini Waterfront, Rimini, Italy

Foster + Partners unveil design for Rimini Beachfront
The Italian coast just got a lot more interesting. The London-based firm Foster + Partners has just revealed designs for a new seafront development in Rimini, Italy, that will strengthen the relationship between the town center and the waterfont. The design envisions a year-round attraction for an international tourist industry.

The scheme comprises a new seafront promenade with a mix of activities and public spaces including a hotel tower, which will extend Rimini’s historic beach culture and continue the existing urban grain. The project celebrates Rimini’s tradition of green boulevards, best characterized by the ViaVespuci. The boulevards in Fosters' plan will connect to a linear park - or green spine - that will provide much needed shade in hotter months.

A new hotel tower includes space for a Fellini film festival at its base. Its curving form is a striking marker which anchors the wider project, while the building extends out to the sea along a 300m long pier.

The project will integrate energy saving technologies including rainwater collection and photovoltaics. Senior Partner, Stefan Behling said of the project, “We are delighted to submit our proposal to reinvigorate the popular resort of Rimini. This is an exciting opportunity to unite the town with its seafront and to regenerate the public realm.”
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