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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Estadio Internacional Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico

HOK Sport unveils designs for the Estadio Internacional Monterrey, Mexico
Initial concept designs for the new 80,000 seat international stadium in Monterrey, Mexico, have been released by the designers HOK Sport. The design for the multi‐purpose venue situated close to the centre of Monterrey has been inspired by traditional Mexican themes and the stadium will accommodate soccer and NFL, as well as a capability for an international standard athletics track using a raised platform concept.

The design was inspired by a symbol of Mexican festivities – the ‘rehilete’ – a windmill that is given to children each year to celebrate National Day in Mexico. The windmill form has informed the overall composition of the stadium, with the design based on eight translucent overlapping leaves and which, by the use of variable lighting, can be made to appear to turn like a fan. The leaves will be constructed of steel mesh which will provide sun shading in a ‘weave’ based on traditional Mexican basket knitting by native Mexicans.

The stadium is to be constructed on a circular land bridge over the dry Santa Catarina River, creating both a physical and symbolic link between the northern and southern parts of the city.

Rod Sheard of HOK Sport said ‘’Mexico has so many wonderful traditions and a love of sport which is infectious; their ‘Ola Mexicana’, the Mexican Wave, has been adopted all over the world as a statement of people having fun, celebrating life. The wave originated in Mexico in 1984 from the University Stadium in an exhibition game between Mexico and Argentina. We were enthusiastic to design a stadium that possessed something of that magic, fun loving spirit and evoking the roots of the Mexican pre Hispanic culture’’.

César Esparza, CEO of Estadio Internacional Monterrey, said "We have been blessed by working with Rod Sheard’s team at HOK Sport. They have exceeded our very ambitious expectations and have developed a true global icon that will boost Monterrey’s image as a world class city. This stadium will put Monterrey on the world map".:
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