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Saturday, December 06, 2008

New York Tower, New York, United States

A first look at Libeskind’s Madison Square Park tower
New York’s Madison Square Park is the latest place to go ogling some of the city’s newest skyscrapers. Cetra Rudy and OMA have each designed new towers on the park. Now the area is to get a forward-looking gleaming glass and green residential tower designed by Studio Libeskind, with spiraling gardens in the sky. The dramatic 54-storey tower will sit atop a 14-storey masonry structure that is an annex for the Metropolitan Life building, making it the city’s tallest residential tower.

The design of the building was kept under wraps until recently when it was made public on the Architects Newspaper Blog, which scanned the images to the web from Daniel Libeskind’s new monograph. While the design of the New York Tower is in the embryonic stage, Libeskind said the following today via statement: “The design features a series of spiraling gardens extending the green of Madison Square along the facade of the tower. The tower is set back from its neighbors—maintaining views and maximizing light and air.” "We look forward to a continuing dialogue when the proposal enters the public review process”, he added.

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent
architecture NOW

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