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Monday, December 15, 2008

Techno Park, St Petersburg, Russia

HOK announce major new development to regenerate historic city
A major new master plan has been developed on the edge of St Petersburg aimed at regenerating the eastern fringes of the historic city. The master plan, created by HOK, covers 60 hectares and sets out the blueprint for city’s first Techno Park.

Situated on the edge of St. Petersburg the park will be within a major residential quarter with some retail. The scheme will be financed through both public and private investment: about a third of the development will be State funded. The site will create a nurturing environment for students and alumni from the technical college. Tim Gale, HOK’s Head of Planning in London said: “The development is designed to take advantage of the synergies between the different uses, including office incubator units for start-up companies, and a training college.” The site will also retain existing apartment blocks in the center.

Shown here in the first big image, the tall blocks are office space with retail at the base and the circular building will hold the Headquarters for the development’s client, Techno Park.

Designed with sustatainability in mind Gale explains: “The green roofs and central water feature are designed to attenuate storm water runoff. The St. Petersburg metro and bus routes serve the site and it has a mixed use profile providing all services, including residential accommodation, on the campus thus reducing the need for vehicle travel. Cycle parking facilities are planned throughout the site, as are central recycling collection and composting depots.”

The project is due to start on-site in 2010 assuming planning permission is granted.

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