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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Burnham Pavilion, Chicago, United States

Zaha pavilion design revealed for Chicago Plan celebrations
As Chicago celebrates the centenary of David Burnham's Chicago plan which outlined the structure of the city, two pavilions to mark the anniversary have been unveiled.

This design by Zaha Hadid will join Ben van Berkel's in Millennium Park from 19 June and 31 October.

Zaha Hadid’s pavilion, which can be dismantled and reinstalled elsewhere, is a tent-like structure made of light weight aluminum and dressed in a tensile fabric. The exterior skin rises and falls along its aluminum ribs—the lines for which were derived from the diagonal lines and avenues in Burnham and Bennett’s 1909 Plan. Louvers in the pavilion’s ceiling will bring an interplay of light and shadow into the space as the sun changes position during the day. Exterior lighting will highlight the pavilion at night.

The interior of the Hadid Pavilion will serve as a screen for an immersive video installation created by UIC-trained and London-based artist Thomas Gray for The Gray Circle. This film will tell the story of Chicago’s transformation, including visions for Chicago’s future by local architects. The pavilion envelops visitors in its sinuous form, but the addition of Gray’s film leads to an even more engaging experience. This pavilion and video exhibition will inspire public discourse about the history and future of Chicago.

The aluminum structure for this fabric pavilion was donated by Marmon/Keystone Corporation, a member of The Marmon Group of companies.
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