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Monday, April 27, 2009

Taiwan Center for Disease Control Complex

Jury pick favourite design commending its internationality

The design of the internationally tendered Taiwan Center for Disease Control Complex is to be developed by Chinese firm Ricky Liu and Associates in conjunction with the USA's CUH2A. One of 7 shortlisted teams, the joint team's design was commended for its affordability, its relationship with the surrounding landscape and its international influences.

With a jury of 11 judges, remarks on the project were varied but many commented on the projects international reflections and the professional expertise particularly from the American side of the team. A division of HDR, CUH2A is a Global Science and Technology Design Firm with offices all over the United States and with enviable experience in laboratory design.

The Taiwan project, situated in Hsinchu, includes the Phase I “Research and Diagnostic Center” and the Phase II “Administration Center”. The winning Research and Diagnostic Center design attempts to create a landmark in the region. Its 9-level laboratory building is located in the western site with its facade facing the Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station. Taking a full consideration of the total power supply, mechanical running and their maintenance, the “Power Center” is designed as a separate building to the CDC campus.

The Administration Building consists of 6 floors located in the north of the site. The arc building setbacks away from the front plaza and allocate the main access at the north side centralizing the control on staff’s access. The large auditorium sits at the east of the site for the purpose of flexible space for gathering and recreation.

The overall design takes into consideration issues such as security, flow, form and working environment. Further development will take place over the next phase of the design development, not least of which will be cost issues which are a common problem for international companies in Taiwan.
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