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Friday, April 10, 2009

Yatsu-Hoken Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

New rehab hospital for Tokyo
Healthcare Japan commissioned RTKL to design a new 90,000 SF rehabilitation hospital for the campus of Yatsu-Hoken Hospital in Tokyo. Construction was completed in March 2007.

A facility of exactly 160 beds had to be designed for a site smaller than an acre. In addition, the right balance of wards and private rooms was important. Being a rehab hospital, it was necessary to include a full rehabilitation gym, activity day living facilities, support rooms including living-type rooms, a hair salon, and a Japanese or Tatami room such that each element interacted in a holistic manner.

The key elements of the brief were placed to maintain a flexible open plan that maximises the available space. On each floor dining areas, day rooms, and the corridors themselves can flexibly serve as rehab areas, all within observation of staff. The design utilises an atrium to maximise natural light in the inner areas of the building and encourage a healing environment.

Since rehabilitation patients are often in the facility for extended periods, the architects wanted to make sure patients felt neither isolated nor institutionalised. In response, views into the atrium as well as a visual connection to the staff were important design criteria that help provide a positive distraction.

Access to nature is equally important. Healing gardens at ground-level and roof-top-level allow patients to garden as part of their therapy. Other outdoor amenities include dining facilities that extend onto a terrace and balconies outside all patient rooms.source:
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