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Monday, May 18, 2009

Brigham and Women’s Hospital - Shapiro Cardiovascular Center, Boston, United States

New addition to Boston hospital provides world-class cardiovascular services
The 420,000 sf Cardiovascular Center enhances Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s stature as one of the world’s leading medical centers. Its strong connectivity to the existing hospital and campus is the culmination of thoughtful planning and responsive architectural articiulation, striking a balance between public spaces and more intimate areas. By consolidating cardiovasocular services into one world-class facility, the center enhances the patient experience, yielding operational efficiences and encouraging collaboration and communication among the specialists.

The Center provides operating suites for cardiac and vascular surgery, diagnostic and treatment facilities, variable acuity inpatient units, ambulatory care clinics and a range of public amenities including dining, conference and family centers. An elevated walkway connects the Center to the hospital’s main pedestrian spine, the “Pike,” and below-grade levels unite new and existing surgical services.

The Center’s exterior reflects its importrant role as the hospital’s Brooline Avenue gateway. Opportunities for natural lighting are maximised and lower levels are as visibly open to the public as possible. Along Vining Street, the building’s scale is reduced to resonate with the scale of the neighbouring housing. Additional construction at the hospital’s existing Armory Building portion refines the 75 Francis Street entry, improves wayfinding, and enhances the hospital’s overall image.

Demonstrating BWH’s commitment to the environment, the development of the building envelope, infrastructures systems, interior finishes and construction methods were all informed by sustainable design best practices.

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