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Monday, May 18, 2009

St.Petersburg Forum, St.Petersburg, Russia

Design to bridge northern and southern ends of the Obvodny Canal
This project is intended to become the new public space in the city with commercial and residential functions. Developed as a master plan which aims to integrate the residential quarter on the north of the Obvodny Canal with the southern part of the district by transforming the former industrial area into a new city center.

The size and dispersed shape of the site guided the architects to design an element which will bring together various functions and buildings. The “Forum” concept is utilized to integrate the different zones of the project via a spinal system with the “Forum Area” as the heart of the project. The site is reserved for pedestrians excluding vehicular traffic. The Forum area designed as an open space functions as an intermediate space connecting commercial spaces for public use and residential spaces for private use.

The building typology of the project originates from the courtyard concept. The courtyard concept provides privacy for housing complexes; in addition a place of gathering for commercial spaces. St. Petersburg Forum is mainly composed of residential units accompanied with commercial functions which are divided into regions. The project includes hotel rooms and serviced residences as Riverwalk Hotel & Apartments; high-rise residence building as Forum Tower; offices and retail units as Forum Plaza; shopping center and offices as Obvodny Center and family residences as Courtyard Residences

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