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Monday, May 18, 2009

Topaz Towers, Brasov, Romania

New Residental Building in Brasov
Topaz towers located in the city Brasov, Romania, is comprised approximately 450 medium cost apartments within 4 buildings. The 12-storey buildings are arranged parallel to the two roads on the plot sides to create a quiet, light and secure inner garden between them, while on sides facing the roads there are two commercial arcades.

While the white envelops are making the general & public urban outlines the "cut out" strips on the facades reviles the inner surface of the private apartments and the double sided lobby.The apartments are bound to the outside through a simple relationship between a living room, dining room, terrace and the beautiful view of Tampa mountain.

The buildings contain sustainable design measures such as structural efficiency, insulation, infrastructure, and sustainable materials.

Plot area: 14,860 sm Built area: 49,000 sm

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