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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hollenbeck Replacement Police Station, Los Angeles, United States

New police station for Boyle Heights
The new Hollenbeck Replacement Police Station in the heart of Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights community, has been designed to exemplify the LAPD’s efforts to create an open, community serving police force. AC Martin’s intent was to both strengthen the neighborhood’s civic center and highlight the community’s distinct tradition of artistic expression.

Comprised of three rectangular two-storey volumes, the modern design communicates the department’s forward-thinking philosophies. Significantly larger than the existing facility the new sustainable facility includes a 54,000 sq ft new main building, a 7,000 sq ft vehicle maintenance facility, and 115,000 sq ft parking structure. The replacement station’s internal organisation provides a light-filled, cohesive sense of space for 200+ officers and staff.

The exterior walls are highlighted by a staccato rhythm of rectangular windows and insets, while an open plaza sets off the striking public entrance. The station’s layered-glass entry wall adds an artistic focal point to the community, while creating a welcoming public entrance. The glass façade allows light and diffused views into the lobby by day, transforming into a glowing beacon by night. The design also provides the necessary security while maintaining a sense of openness and energy. The station is an excellent model of sustainability, designed to achieve a high LEED® certification.
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