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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Level Green Exhibition, Wolfsburg, Germany

‘Level Green’, a new exhibition promoting the importance of technology and sustainability opens in Wolfsburg , Germany.
J. Mayer architects and Art+Com Berlin were commissioned to develop a permanent exhibition on sustainability for the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. The exhibition Level Green encompasses approximately 1000 m2 and the project displays various aspects of the topic while creating an informative environment that addresses the visitor on multiple sensory levels. Similar to a continuous organism, the single elements of the exhibition are connected into one homogenous structure that houses all content and technical installations.

The well known PET-sign was taken as a starting point from the 3d branched web was developed through a series of step by step manipulations which allows for the topic to be experienced on a spatial level. Vertical Elements define different areas within the exhibition without strictly separating them, allowing the visitor’s experience to be enhanced by the idea of playful discovery.

The exhibition aims to promote scientific research and the use of modern technology as necessities for survival in the future. This point of view is represented as an atmospheric environment, in which physical and digital spaces complement each other, creating one common narrative.
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