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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Myrtus Convetion Center, Valencia, Spain

Ramón Esteve completes new civic facility in Valencia
The proposal of the building was to generate a construction that will be used for conventions, seminars and banquets supporting up to a thousand people.

The organic geometry of the building, developed under a circular grid, generates continuity between spaces, allowing a kind of stimulation to flow through them. The building's sinuous shell line grants it with a kind character. Following this line, a disposition of alternating planes of glass and white concrete serve to have ripped the volume in its verticality from the building's wholeness. From the inside these intermittent openings create the feeling of a colonnade connecting the gardens, blurring the boundaries between inside-outside. Only the pieces holding the auxiliary uses are shown as solid and compact nucleus surrounded by the different spaces.

The program is solved in three levels. The main floor holds the assembly halls and the kitchen, on the second floor are the offices and a restaurant with its private kitchen for daily service. The garage is at the underground level with the store rooms.

The structure is solved with a three-dimensional mesh, which is rigid due to the compact stairs and services volumes. This kind of structure solves 22 meters length of spam without columns. The ceiling is made up by diameter-variable circular pieces, and the structure is shown through its gaps.

The organic geometry plan lay out the exterior in three areas, two main areas with porches which will hold outside celebrations and one for the service activities. The exterior is also planned, setting a connection with the nature, designing a particular vegetal environment.
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