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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ataria nature interpretation centre, Vitoria, Spain

Based in the City of Vitoria in Spain, Ataria attempts to connect the public with nature
QVE arquitectos did not want to make a “wood-looking-building” but a real wooden building. An authentic wooden feel including smell was deemed essential by the Madrid based practice. They have created a natural retreat in an urban environment, allowing the public to connect with the surrounding wetlands and Merging Spain’s urban surroundings to its natural ones.

The project consists of the design of six frames that correspond to six section schemes: allowing it to cantilever. These frames avoid the contact with the ground by the construction of several concrete walls using steel as the contact between the two. Each part of the building is built up by the repetition of frames,so the order is very clear and free allowing the building to grow or contract by adding or clearing a number of frames. One of QVE’s criteria was to have fun ‘Playing with gravity’

Now the building is complete, as the surrounding trees and landscape grow, the wood will age allowing the project to gain character with age.

The ATARIA - Centro de Interpretación is shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival award later this year.
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