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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lewis Library at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Gehry's Lewis Library completes
Four years in the making, Princeton University finally gets its Gehry. On September 11th the University will officially open the Lewis Library, a multistory 87,000 sq ft building that will house Princeton’s science collections and technology spaces and study, research and classroom space. The angular steel, glass brick and stucco library is a signature Gehry building, conceived by a legendary creative mind and crafted by the most advanced digital design tools available to today’s practicing architects.

Gehry utilized Catia software to model the shapes of the building and to inform the shape of such signature touches as the wavy- lined canary yellow welcome desk. The building is accented with bold colors inside and out. Standing in the library’s highest level, visitors are treated to alternating glimpses of color outside every window- shades of green, purple and orange. A colorful assortment of deep blue, green, yellow and black desk chairs complete the group study and seminar rooms while angular grey tables and chairs finish out the reading areas and common spaces.

Gehry hopes the bold lines of the library will serve as inspiration for the groups it houses. Scientists who are focused on complex issues may find that the abstract landscape of the building will stimulate their imagination and perhaps inspire them to think outside the box”, Gehry said.

The building will anchor a new precinct on Princeton’s East Campus that will include modern structures by Hopkins, Menn and Vinoly.
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