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Sunday, September 14, 2008

One York Tribeca, New York, United States

Enrique Norten’s Tribeca tower nears completion
One York Tribeca is a new luxury residential building designed by Mexican Architect, Enrique Norten of TEN Arquitectos. The building, which is nearing completion and will house 32 condominiums, sits at the gateway to Tribeca, New York’s most coveted residential neighborhood.

Norten has transformed an industrial, block-long nineteenth century brick building, with a dynamic transparent glass tower, which like a quartz vein running through stone, both fractures and fuses the building, illuminating and clarifying its dense materiality.

The faceted intervention organizes the building’s interior. On the ground floor, the lobby employs the vocabulary of the new glass prism. On the lower floors the addition peeks out from behind the brick facades of the nineteenth century structure forming series of balconies. At the roof level of the older building, which is transformed into terraces for the seventh-floor apartments, the glass volume fully emerges. At the upper levels, glass sheathes the facades offering new and unmediated views of the city outside.
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