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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ulitsa Rochdelskaya Residential, Moscow, Russia

McAdam Architects wins new residential design commission in central Moscow
London and Moscow-based architect McAdam Architects has won the commission from major Russian developer Sistema-Hals to design two new apartment blocks at Ulitsa Rochdelskaya, next to the White House – the Russian government buildings – in the centre of Moscow.

The brief for the €18 million project is for 12,000 sq metres of high-specification apartments comprising 40 residential units, with retail facilities at street level.

The development is composed of two blocks standing on a single-story glazed plinth, which is set into the steep slope of the site. The blocks are positioned symmetrically, either side of a raised courtyard garden. While the blocks are similar in design they are subtly different in form and appearance – as they react sensitively to their immediate surroundings.

Both blocks are clad in metal (zinc and copper) on three sides, which is an acknowledgement of the Institute of Metallurgy building on the opposite side of the road. Each of the blocks can be distinguished by facades and roofs sloping in different directions, in a response to neighbouring buildings.

Also, the external facades of the apartments have small windows and recessed balconies shielding the residents from the harsh surrounding environment, which is a rapidly improving but still mainly industrial area.

Architect James McAdam, says: ”There are two metal objects, like brothers – a pair. They are similar, but have their own identity and wear different clothes. The cladding responds to the immediate environment as do the leaning facades.”

In the raised courtyard, which provides residents with a private communal garden, the internal facades are made of obscure glass planks – again an acknowledgement of the industrial nature of the area. The apartments have large windows and protruding balconies facing towards the raised garden.

The entrance to the building is via a large foyer space at the centre of a glazed plinth, with a shop and café at either side. There are two levels of underground parking which are accessible from the side street.
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