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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amtek, Delhi, India

Deviant in form, traditional in belief
Located on the popular commercial strip in New Delhi, Tolstoy Marg, Amtek is distinctively outstanding even from afar. The Amtek Office Building concept design is an iconic building with flexible space.

Although traditionally deviant in its shape and form, Amtek conforms totally to Vaastu’s aspects with its entrance facing the East. Vaastu Shastra tries to harmonize the flow of energy in building designs.

With retail space occupying the ground floor and a sky restaurant on the top floor, this seven-storey building attracts human traffic in the right direction. The external fa├žade is fully cladded with glass to allow for maximum exposure and clarity from inside, which means that indoor activities can be viewed from the exterior of the building.

To complement the amount of natural light it lets in and to accommodate the extreme climate in New Delhi due to the glass surface, alumininum shading devices in the form of “armours” are constructed on the exterior.

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