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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rijnhaven Bridge, Rotterdam, Netherlands

A spectacular bridge, but only 5 times a day...
The Wilhelminapier is a booming place. This peninsula transforms Rotterdam into the Manhattan of the river Maas; there we find the so much talked about designs of architects like Sir Norman Foster, Broek & Bakema, Renzo Piano, Bolles/Wilson and Mecanoo, and soon we will see high towers from Álvaro Siza, Cruz y Ortiz and Rem Koolhaas.

The 139m high Erasmus bridge [UNStudio] links the site with the historical downtown area. The prominent spot obliges the new Rijnhavenbrug, between the Wilhelminapier and Katendrecht, to become a particularly striking bridge. The architects opted for a powerful and simple image of the bridge in a closed situation and a visual icon while opening.

Generally the bridge lies waiting quietly but a couple of times a day its particular opening movement is designed to make all those surrounding icons hold their breath for some minutes.

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