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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

World Expo Shanghai 2010, Shanghai, China

Pavilion progress continues at pivotal stage in World Expo 2010
From communist oppressor to diversity embracing super-power, Shanghai has just 275 more days to prepare for what could be China's most important showcase ever. China has revealed itself to be a safe bet for financial stability maintaining a steady economy unlike most nations during this most recent financial crisis. But as host of the World Expo 2010, an opportunity has arisen in Shanghai to exhibit China's rebirth as a respectable country in human terms. While this will be the second year in succession that China has held an open house to the world, this time it is not athletic talent but cultural diversity which will be celebrated, cementing China’s desire to connect globally.

With strong financial backing and China’s traditional desire to go further, 2010 will be the largest World Expo so far expecting 70 million visitors across 6 months. Almost 200 countries have confirmed participation and dozens of international, domestic and corporate pavilions are being prepared to celebrate cultures and industry from across the globe in a 5.28 km sq plot in the heart of the Shanghai. With many designs being revealed and ground breaking and topping off ceremonies being announced over the last month, things are coming together in China’s largest city.

The beautiful folly of the pavilion ensures an exponential diversity between designs. The USA this month announced that finances have successfully been sourced and a ground breaking ceremony was held for their project which is designed to illustrate shared core values between the two countries including ‘sustainability, teamwork, health and the fundamental belief that America is a place of opportunity where those who seek to change the world for the better will always thrive and prosper’.

Russia lightened the mood this week with their unveiling of their pavilion which portrays the world through a child’s eyes. The design for the 6,000 sq m plot features 12 white towers inspired by traditional Russian women's costume inside which will be a display of scenes from the fairy tale ‘The Adventures of DUNNO and His Friends,’ written by Russian children's author Nikolay Nosov. The novel tells the story of Neznaika, a 15-year-old boy and his friends who journey to some fantastical cities where cars are fueled by strawberry jam and huge cakes are used as houses. The walls will be painted in vivid colors and visitors can enter mushroom-shape houses just like in a fairy tale.

Dozens of international pavilions from countries including Kazakhstan, Venezuela, the Czech Republic, the Caribbean, Poland and Chile will stand in the World Expo site. Their designs can be viewed at

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