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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The New York Korea Centre, New York, United States

SAMOO wins international competition to design Korea Centre in New York City
SAMOO Architecture PC, the New York studio of SAMOO Architects and Engineers based in Seoul, Korea, has won an international competition for the design of The New York Korea Centre, a new home for the Korean Cultural Service in New York. The eight-storey, 3065 sq m facility will offer spaces for exhibitions, performances, lectures, and administration and will be located on East 32nd Street.

Mr. Myung Gi Sohn, President and CEO of SAMOO Architects and Engineers said: "Korea Centre will provide an international gateway to Korean culture, travel, and events. It is a great honour to participate in a project of this significance.”

The design includes a multi-layered glass façade which creates a screen wall that illuminates three sculptural figures within—composed of polished ceramic, rough terracotta, and milled wood—representing Heaven, Earth, and Humanity. Layered behind the glass façade, an open frame will provide a canvas for display panels that convey a changing visual message to the passers-by. The street level of Korea Centre will focus on exhibits related to current popular trends in Korean culture, including music, movies, food, technology and TV dramas – a phenomenon known as the ‘Korean Wave’. Visitors can also enjoy a library, café, and gardens, as well as performances in a 240-seat theatre.

Mr. Soon Woo Kwon, Principal at SAMOO Architecture PC commented: “The transparency of the façade opens the buildings activities to street life and energises the surrounding area.”

Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of the year.

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