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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Strange But True

Space architecture due to take flight
UK Government research has shown that Space Architecture is likely to be a fast growing industry by 2030. The government-commissioned report, entitled ‘The shape of jobs to come: Possible New Careers Emerging from Advances in Science and Technology’, lists Space Architect as a profession which will be in high demand in coming years. Advances in science and technology mean that architects will be required to design physical solutions to enable habitation of space and other planets. According to the report, Space Architects, Pilots and Tour Guides were considered the most aspirational roles from the list of jobs for the future.

Gordon Brown (UK Prime Minister) said: “A priority for this Government is to prepare Britain for the economy of the future and to make sure our young people can seize the opportunities that innovations in science and technology will bring. The shape of jobs to come shows what might be on offer for the next generation. I hope it will inspire young people to gain the skills and training they will need to succeed.”

Companies like Virgin Galactic and the Sasakawa International Centre for Space Architecture (SICSA) are forging ahead with space tourism projects. Sir Richard Branson recently unveiled SpaceShipTwo, the world’s first commercial spaceline, with daily space tourism flights planned to commence from Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport in New Mexico. Designed by Foster and Partners, the spaceport is currently under construction with the 3,048 metre runway expected to be completed by late 2010. Current projects at the SICSA include a greenhouse on Mars, lunar outposts and space exploration vehicles.

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