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Thursday, April 22, 2010

P&R Hooggelegen, Utrecht, Netherlands

KCAP and JHK win competition for park and ride facility
KCAP Architects & Planners together with JHK Architecten have been awarded first prize in the competition for the park and ride facility P&R Hooggelegen in Utrecht. The project is being commissioned by the Municipality of Utrecht and will be realised in two phases, each comprising a 31,000 sq m building with 1,000 parking spaces. Phase one is expected to be delivered in 2011, phase two between 2012 and 2015.

The P&R will be located along highway A2 Utrecht-Amsterdam between Papendorp office park and the Hooggelegen intersection. Access is via a new highway exit and a viaduct which is currently under construction, crossing the highway and connecting the new area of Leidsche Rijn with Utrecht.

Lifted one level above the ground, the 9 and 7 storey high buildings are visible over the new viaduct and a noise protection wall. The facades will be made out of light bronze and silvery anodized aluminum lamellas. An internal route on the second level connects the two car parks by bridges, passing commercial facilities and ultimately leading users to the bus stop outside by the main entrance. The ground level is entirely kept free for car entries and exits, taxis, buses and drop-off areas. The centre of both parking garages reveal huge open spaces filled with trees, allowing for natural daylight and ventilation through the open facades.

Irma van Oort of KCAP said: “Our concept for P&R Hooggelegen is flexible and innovative. Until the second building phase is executed, the first can perfectly function on its own. All aspects of the design concept, accessibility and the iconic appearance are incorporated in each individual building.”

Ad van Aert of JHK added: “A new organisational concept is introduced for the parking garage which provides for high efficiency. We believe we have found a truly sustainable solution to flexibly handle the peaks in commuters’ traffic.”

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