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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snow Russia, Sochi, Russia

Alternative design proposal submitted for Winter Olympics complex
Asadov Architectural Studio, Project-KS and Grado Project Company have submitted an alternative design concept to the State Corporation, Olympstroy for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games sports complex in Sochi. The Snow Russia project was initiated by Andrew Asadov’s firm and attempts to unify the design of the complex as they feel that the ‘various buildings don’t have a common and unique face, the central Olympic square is built without a central architectural idea and the different sport structures have no general concept joining them as a single complex.’

Based upon the existing masterplan, the design team proposes that a ‘snowy whirlwind falling over the Olympic buildings in the form of frosty mist’ be created on the side of the load-bearing structures with decorative perforated panels constructed from aluminum or a composite material, such as Apolic. At night, LED lighting will generate accent lighting across the complex which can be harmonized to create a lighting show. The design team has also offered an alternative for the structure of the Olympic Cresset, joining two Olympic symbols - 5 rings and stars-snowflakes, the emblems of the Sochi Olympic Games.

Andrew Asadov remarked: “By excluding amendments to the structure of the masterplan and other structural concepts, we propose to consolidate them within one architectural and artistic 'super-idea'."

The proposal has been presented to Olympstroy but a decision has yet to be made about whether it will influence the design that is currently under construction.

Laura Paton

architecture NOW

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