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Friday, March 28, 2008

Contador-Weller house, Tunquén, Casablanca, Chile

Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados Contador-Weller house in Chile
In a place and in a time, where one of means, almost conditions "sine qua non", to accede to the prestige of the contemporary in architecture, consists of the execution of projects of uni-familiar residences that show a generous dimension in surface, and a conventional program corresponding to a certain social level, next to an originality assured in good part in its high cost by square meter, that must approach - if it is the same - tried to be recognized the cost unit of surface of an automobile of certain category. Our work has been oriented to explore the possibilities of consolidated constructive systems that through small modifications to the design of the details and engineering specifications it allows us to improve his qualities and to manage to lower the price of the costs adapting them to the reality of a developing country like Chile. In this case the Canadian constructive system.

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