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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Two new towers for Shanghai

Design inspired by city's Art Deco heritage
1 & 2 Corporate Avenue is part of the revitalization master plan for Taiping Qiao, the heart of Shanghai. It faces the beautiful Taipingqiao Lake, a man-made lake within the 3.47 ha Taipingqiao Park. Inspired by the art deco style of 1930s Shanghai, this project comprises two office towers above a retail podium which reinforce the urban grain. The shorter 10-storey tower has a triangular floor plate that addresses the Y junction formed by two converging streets, complemented by a taller 21-storey building with a hexagonal floor plan. Embellished with tall chamfered corners and art deco motifs inspired, both buildings are clad in beige granite with high performance window systems in dark anodized aluminium frames. Built in the Shikumen style of traditional stone-portal houses, a historic building at the northwest corner of the site has been restored as a retail outlet and is linked to the main complex by an elevated glass and steel pedestrian walkway

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