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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aerohotel, Moscow, Russia

A-typical Russian design offers aquatic hospitality

Russian architect Alexander Asadov is famous in his homeland for his deconstructivist designs which counter the structured monolithic opulence typified in the country. Taking this design ideology to new waters, he offers up the concept Aerohotel for realisation anywhere in the world from reservoirs to oceans.

The 200 m wide design features a main body (or ‘case’) perched upon spokes like a bicycle wheel with three supporting ‘arms’. Planting in the base of the case would create hanging gardens above the water. Within the structure a hotel and cafes, restaurants and winter gardens are designed to offer comfort and hospitality. Access to the hotel would be either bankside, escalating up one of the arms or airside via one of the airstrips on deck.

Designed as an alternative to man-made islands, Asadov’s office, A. Asadov Architectural Studio, see the advantages as having “significantly less costs for construction against the gravel works. At this almost all the basin area under the construction is still untouched, thus improving the projects ecological value.”

The firm are currently reporting significant interest from Arab investors as an economical alternative to tidal islands.

Niki May Young
News Editor
architecture NOW

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